Photographic Ideas?

So then the time has come to book a shoot for some new photos and not only is it a pain deciding on a photographer but the worst of it is what style to go for and what “feel”. Sadly the use of an iPhone to take pics isn’t considered professional or good quality plus impossible to take pictures of yourself with a phone as you can see from my attempt above.

My photos are generally as elegant and tasteful as I can muster but I must admit to not really enjoying the process at all and find the entire experience quite laborious! I am not good at staying still and think I am most glamour photographers nightmare.

In my last set of pics the photographer shouted to me “look into my lens and fuck me!” I just burst out laughing, poor woman was trying to get the best out of me and luckily she was fast as some make you stay in a position for ages and then complain their backs hurt trying to get the correct angle!

Escort pics may look erotic and sexy but being almost naked with a bunch of strangers in a cold studio with very mundane things going on around you doesn’t exactly inspire one to feel anything but daft. I am sure some girls loves their photo being taken but I never have, I have the utmost respect for professional models, it is actually really hard work and looks so easy but it is nothing short of hard work and we are lucky we only have to do it now and again!

Luckily, I have never had any bad experiences but maybe the photographer shooting me felt differently! ha ha!

I am determined to enjoy the shoot this time and it would be great to have some fun with it and do something a bit different but what?

This is where you come in. I want your input and this time a different type of input! What kind of photos do you like to see? What positions? anything particular that you look for?