Recently I have been thinking a lot about passion and where that has fitted into my life over the years.

Passion is such an intense and compelling feeling, it gives us desire that is unstoppable and drives us to perhaps behave in a way we wouldn’t usually. It brings great excitement to our life and while in the throes of passion there is no better feeling in the world. It’s like an almighty high that you know isn’t sustainable but while you’re in that moment no reasoning will make you give it up, it’s addictive.

I have felt this intense passion towards a person maybe twice in my life and know that although it is not an enormous amount of times it is more than some ever experience but maybe I am due another scoop from the passion tub! Problem is, you can’t create it, you can’t source it. When it happens, it just does and usually when we least expect it. That’s how it’s been previously for me anyway.

The strange think about passion is that of a sexual kind it is possible that you don’t even have to really like the person and actually in one experience I had I was quite overwhelmed by intense feelings physically to a person who was nothing to look at and wasn’t my type at all. When friends met him they were like “really?” “what are you doing?” but of course I didn’t listen as I was drugged high on a dose of passion and all sense of reason had left the building! In bed however, there was absolutely nothing better and I couldn’t get him deep enough or close enough.

I was chatting to a client the other day about this subject and he said he didn’t feel he had ever experienced the type of passion that makes you sick and that stirs your soul to a level that feels overwhelmingly intense. Do many? Is it better to play it safe in life and go for people that have less potential to cause you pain? In some ways I think this is what most people do as it’s a means of self protection. As states, nobody goes out looking to have their world broken when life doesn’t go according to plan and if the height we fall from isn’t so high then the blow isn’t as vast.

Yet if you are lucky or unlucky enough (depending on how you see it) to reach such dizzy heights of passion, when you fall it’s going to be one almighty thud that permeates through us like a bullet. Are the highs worth the lows?

We never hear of tales of passion ending well, look at Romeo and Juliet or the term “crime of passion” it doesn’t exactly fill us with positive thoughts or a happy ending.

That all said and done, we all are searching for something albeit a brief encounter which of course can be passionate but unlikely to stir you to the very core as it’s an artificial environment yet the closest most of us get regularly but if we could bottle up the intense passion I am talking about would you take it or feel maybe it’s best not to play with fire?

I am no expert but would ascertain a guess that most relationships work when they are level, considerate and tend to chug along nicely without anyone wanting to rock the boat. You know where you’re at, you know what to expect and although perhaps a little lackluster you feel safe. Nothing wrong with that but when I have been in these types of situation I find myself getting very down and feel that I am not fully living to my emotional capacity. I would rather have nothing than something only warm but we are all different. On the other hand, I don’t know if I could take the toll of an intense passion as they rarely last and when it ends it leaves a very empty feeling so what do we do?

Passion isn’t like love or any other emotion as it’s usually so hard hitting and fast that you have no warning of it arriving yet it can be scary like an exhilarating ride you just can’t get off.

Regardless of all the highs and lows, I think given the opportunity we all desire passion and rightly so but it does seem impossible to think rationally in that state of mind so it can be rather impractical.

So, I am prepared to take the risk but this time may wear a safety helmet just in case but life is for living and for feeling alive so the next time I sense it coming I might just hop on (so to speak!) and enjoy the ride!