Experiencing The Food Orgasm

I have recently returned from a fantastic trip to Girona in Spain with a very lovely man which is worthy of it’s own blog permission pending so for now I want to share with you a moment that happened while we dinned in an extraordinarily good restaurant called “El Cellar de Can Roca” Bboy, did that place El Certainly Rock me — and my partner in crime if his face was anything to go by! That’s right, you probably didn’t think a Las Vegas escort like me got out of Sin City to see the world, right?

I have experienced this food orgasm once before many moons ago in a not so grand setting in a local sea food restaurant dining with my entire family when I bit into a succulent piece of lobster and felt a warm sensation tingle up my legs and into my nether regions where I then became flushed and excused myself under the table to tie my show lace.


Problem was, I had no shoe laces which made my family momentarily think I had lost the plot when my head returned above the table smiling uncontrollably and muttering something along the lines of “that’s better” to a set of most bemused relatives.

At the time I wasn’t really sure what had happened to me other than I decided I LOVED lobster and every time I heard, saw or read the mere word would take me right back to that moment of the lovely, warm rush of endorphins that hit my body so hard it was like an out of body experience. Mmmmmmm! All these people entranced and fascinated by Las Vegas Asian escorts when they should just get out and experience the real world by going to a great dinner — they might find it feels almost as good as sex! As a side note, I came across this pic which I thought was hilarious — why bother eating real food when you can have a delicious virtual meal!

Many years had passed and my recollection was becoming a distant yet happy memory until my recent trip away with my sexy playmate with his bed head hair! This pbs.org article also reminded me of both my trip, and those lovely Asian call girls.

As we sat down to dine, we were both excited with what we knew was about to come from this amazing setting and sumptuous tasting menu I actually don’t think there could have been a more beautiful place to experience what was about to come. The restaurant isn’t rated number 2 in the world for nothing and we were about to find out why.

So, to stop this entry becoming like a restaurant critic’s encounter I will cut right to the chase, better still show you a photo of just what made me orgasm on the spot. Yes, these little balls of heaven can transform a perfectly sane (okay, debatable but you know what I mean) woman into a giggly heap.

We both bit into these moist, cool balls at the same time and then my face must have been a picture as my dining partner said “ooh, I wasn’t expecting that” and “that” he was meaning the warm liquid that filled my mouth and tasted absolutely divine.

The secret ingredient I do believe was white truffle, and I was chuffed with my truffle. A truffle within a truffle so to speak!

We said nothing but just looked at each other and I totally lost it, the table next to us were a few stages on in their meal but their look was either one of “I want what they’re having” or “oh, they’re at the truffle section of the menu”.

Again, tingling up my leg, through my spine, my lower parts having their own party down there and me smiling like a Cheshire cat. Lovely bed head man looking much the same and then he said “is that what it’s like?”

So, in a nutshell or should that be truffle ball, that is my second and certainly most intense food orgasm to date. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t experienced it before but I stand a firm believer that it is possible.

Given the best possible start to our meal we were both pretty high by the time we left the restaurant and what was so fun about it was every now and again throughout the meal a snippet of that special taste would reoccur and off we would go again giggling or slightly loosing our minds again, even writing about this is bringing it back, how wonderful — a calorie free and simple orgasm. Nothing else required but mental recall.

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