Dictation Role Play

I was thrilled to hear a client I had met before was going to be in London for a few days and was interested in my secretarial skills and of course I jumped at the chance to invite him over to my place to demonstrate to him I certainly had all the right “credentials” for the job.

That afternoon I went shopping for a figure hugging white blouse and a black skirt with a very silky lining and of course the all important spectacles. This is a must as we would be certainly be going through some intricate figures later on!

As I dressed for my “boss” I decided to tie my hair up in a bun and unbuttoned my crisp white blouse sufficiently for him to be able to see my firm, large breasts peeking out of my new lingerie that was hopefully about to get more than a preview. Just as I was putting my stocking feet into my black heels the door bell rang and I took one final glance in the mirror while smoothing down my skirt.

“Mr. Santer, thank you for coming to see me to discuss the new position that has opened up, please come through to my bedroom and make yourself comfortable on my sofa so we can discuss this role further”

Sexy Secretary

“Thank you Sofia, my goodness those things don’t go down do they?” he replied looking directly at my breasts that were more than a little bit on display!

“Imagine being able to look over the board room table at these every day” I said

“Well, I can’t say the offer isn’t tempting but I would really need to see more of your skills before making any ‘firm’ decision about your future in the company.”

“I can see you are a little more than tempted” I said while rubbing my hand up his masculine leg and getting increasingly closer to his increasingly growing cock.

“Would you like me to show you my dictating skills? I have been told this is something that maybe most useful to you, especially on business trips and at the end of a long day in the office where I am more than happy to do some overtime?”

I then proceeded to caress his cock and slowly put my lips around it while he removed my blouse and took my breasts from my bra and squeezed then hard and rolled my hard nipples between his fingers.

“You are going to have to really excel in your skills, I am a busy man with many women who are more than ready for this position”

I sucked him hard and fast then slow and sensually while he became very aroused and enjoyably forceful with me. I was pulled up from my knees, bent over while he lifted up my skirt and spanked me.

“Let me hear you moan loudly” he said as he spanked me so hard I was sure I would be marked and all would be able to see what I had been up to!

I was then put on my sofa while he rubbed my clit and moved his fingers into me and got me so wet I knew what I wanted so it was music to my ears when he demanded a condom and then bent me over once more to enter me from behind and then flipped me over to give me a good hard seeing to which resulted in top scores for climax I would say!

As we lay on the bed catching my breath I asked “Mr. Santer, do I have the job?”

“Oh yes, you certainly do”.

So, it seems my business attire and specs will be around for a while longer and I look forward to working hard for my new boss and our next encounter which will hopefully be on the board room table next time!